W        W        W       .      T        H        E        L        A        N        D        M        A        S        T        E        R      .      C        O        M       
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Traditional clearing companies
destroy the soil leaving their dozer
tracks printed deep with the soil.
They also leave large piles of debris
for the owner to deal with. They
charge EXTRA to remove it too!
There are no permits needed with
Texan's Land Clearing since they
leave their sites clean with no debris!
When they finish their work, you can
begin building tomorrow!!! Just look at
the picture below! How cool is that???
Traditional land clearing cost
more, since the cost of burning the
left-over debris is not included in
the price! That's because it's
DANGEROUS! They prefer to
leave it for the owner!
Fidel Gonzalez, Owner, Expert, Operator, Site-Surveyor and Estimator!
Texan's Land Clearing
Call or Text!!                                                                     7 Days a Week!!!
Call or Text!!                                                                     7 Days a Week!!!
W       W       W       .       T       H       E       L      A       N       D       M       A       S       T       E       R       .       C       O       M      
Call or Text!!                                                                     7 Days a Week!!!
* State of the Art Equipment!    * Your Satisfaction Guaranteed!    * Individual Lots Finished in 24 hours!    * State-Wide Service!
* 24 Hr Lot Completion!    * NO DEBRIS or BURNING!   * No Dumpster Fees!   
* Clean Site Excavation!   * NO Re-growth of Weeds and Brush   
* 5, 50,125 Acre Discount    * CLEAR MORE LAND AT A