***No Restrictions*** 1.5 Acres / 65, 340 Sq. Ft
Platted on 14,000 Acres of State Hunting Land!!!  Water, Electric, Phone Roadfront!
This parcel is unrestricted in every way! Do what you want, as you want! *** Property borders the BIG
Why spend $200,000 on a small uncleared acreage tract, when
you can have 14,000 ACRES TO HUNT on, for the price of just 1? Alright guys, this is a "no-brainer",
seriously! You can literally walk out your back door, and step onto your own
Local deer processor just 16 miles from property. You can get there in under 15 minutes! We've been
there and they're super! The best part is that they will sell you deer that they've processed!! If your luck runs
out while hunting, don't worry!!! Just go by and pick one out!!! You can pick out the one you want, and for a
small fee they turn it into sausage or steaks!!!  Last we checked, there was a local taxidermy nearby as well.

How cool is that?
Tract 19 of Segno Ranchettes  
UNRESTRICTED  1.5 ACRE  Platted  on State Land!
W        W        W       .      T        H        E        L        A        N        D        M        A        S        T        E        R      .      C        O        M       
The Big Thicket National Preserve!  
14,000 SQUARE ACRES! Walk off your lot line and start hunting deer!
W       W       W       .       T       H       E       L      A       N       D       M       A       S       T       E       R       .       C       O       M