Paul and Yolette here! Hey, we're REAL people behind this webpage. After 23 years of searching for lands to buy, we've been to many places. Here are just a few...




Silverton, CO in the middle of September...


   New Mexico, Arizona & Texas!


Ouray, CO was amazing! This scene happened at 11:00 PM. It was dark, and I was all alone with a BUCK!

BEST PLACE EVER TO CAMP! (Until we discoverd what it's like to be in a tent during a hail storm! OUCH!)


    Even the        GREAT state       of ALASKA!


Welcome to "Angel's Peak" New Mexico! You can camp for FREE on the rim of this stunning canyon 50 ft from a clean bathroom, picnic table and pavilion!

"I'm a little busy?"

I couldn't find a rainstorm if I saw lightning, but hey, I look good doing it! Gold is hard to find, but alot of fun!

Landed on Mt Mckinley to see if there were any good RV lots for sale. (can't beat Texas!)

This amazing scene was taken atop of ski resort in Alaska! 


I told myself I wouldn't do it, but I just can't help myself! Here's a video of the FAMILY DOG! Tank is a "Rockstar" at 140 lbs and just over 2 years old! ENJOY!


Is there a "rascal" on this plane??? Sam has since grown up and seeking a professional baseball career!

Thank-you for viewing my webpage. I appreciate the time you've spent and look forward to speaking with you! call or text us at (423) BUY-LAND today.